17 January 2017

Dressing My Postpartum Body

It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you without a dope post to scroll through! Ha! So, here we are seventeen days into 2017 and I am Finally getting back to blogging! Consider this week the commencement week of a few things. I'm back to blogging and getting back to eating healthy. By healthy I mean seriously cutting back on my sweet tooth and the scandalous bread obsession that lives within me.

So first things first! I am a very active, hands on, domestic diva, body conscious mommy. So much so, that I started taking tiny little walks one week postpartum. I definitely was not cleared to do such a thing! Fast forward to six weeks postpartum and finally I was granted work out clearance! So what did I do? Of course I got back to business with a vengeance! I took my first fast paced walk/ run and maxed out at three miles in forty five minutes and so on eventually getting back to four miles. Needless to say I started out too ambitious and I honestly have not not put forth a decent effort in at least two weeks. Instead, I've been eating my weight (baby weight included) in chocolate covered almonds and bread.

With that being said I am definitely making things harder when it comes to dressing this body! I consider the last two weeks a moment of truth and now it's time to get real! When it comes to dressing the postpartum body things can get a little tricky especially if you are a style conscious breastfeeding mother. As a third time mom, I've found that loose fitting tops as well as button downs are the best. This sort of goes without saying. A blouse with a deep neckline can also do the trick. Once baby a few weeks old latching on is no longer a circus act! After a few weeks latching your baby is like butter! It's smooth and quite inconspicuous with the proper clothing. Leggings and boyfriend jeans are also my best friend! Notice that the dress that I am wearing here is a wrap dress. Otherwise I'd have to expose every single bit of my goodies just to get this baby fed. At two months postpartum I can deal without that considering the fact that pregnancy obligates us mothers are to just lay it all out there for a good ten months!

So my definite breastfeeding must haves are loose tops in any style (this includes a standard size cotton t shirt while handling mom duties), tops with a deep neck line, and button downs. As for dressing the southern region of my body as stated above leggings (compression leggings) and the all too forgiving boyfriend jeans!On the other hand, I embrace skinny jeans with caution and never without a long top! Take care!

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