06 October 2016


It's that time! With less than thirty days left before the big day, I've finally packed our hospital bags. I seriously can't believe that this time is here. No scratch that! I seriously cannot believe that I will soon be mommy to three. Wow! I am beyond excited to add to my crew and I could never imagine life without motherhood.

So since I've done this post partum, hospital stay twice already I decided I'd share what I've packed for the baby girl and I hospital stay.

For Mommy  

Comfy Robe. I purchased two maternity/ nursing robes (one pictured above) from Pink Blush Maternity. Going with a maternity robe in my opinion is most ideal as they are specifically designed to accommodate those areas most affected once birth has been given. They are also pretty comfy during pregnancy. I lounge in a maternity robe daily.

Slipper or non skid socks. Personally I pack both because I do not know which I will want on my feet post delivery. Non skid socks can be found anywhere. I purchased memory foam slippers (FIND THEM HERE) from overstock for my hospital stay.

Comfy Attire. Unless you're totally okay with those yucky hospital gowns I urge you to pack your very own hospital attire! To each their own but I prefer not to feel like a helpless patient in nothing more than a sheer drape that doesn't fully close. Ha! Not long after recovery, I kid you not I am reaching for my hospital bag so I can change. Here's what's in my bag.

*Two Jessica Simpson Post Pregnancy Shaper Leggings for total postpartum tummy support from Amazon (sold out) Similar  HERE

I will likely discharge in a pair of my Jessica Simpson post pregnancy leggings with a long shirt in black. Everything that I've packed is black. I learned this lesson after delivering my first child. As a been there done that mother I highly recommend packing dark color clothing for yourself.

Support Wear.
 Four (2 pack) Post Pregnancy Panty HERE. Totaling 8 pair from Motherhood Maternity. I specifically chose panties that offer post partum support and I love them.When it comes to support wear I say never too much! This of course depends on your very own personal choice but in my opinion the more the better prepared. I personally have thrown away some basic panties during my previous hospital stays but don't fret because the hospital has mesh undies for you if that's your preference!

 Six Gilligan and O'Malley Nursing Full Coverage Bra HERE from Target. I order to accommodate two bra changes per day during my stay.

 One Belly Bandit HERE. I've worn these post delivery both times.

I know it may seem as if I've packed a weeks worth of clothing but my stay is minimum three nights should everything go as planned. My bag is just a tad smaller than your average carry one bag. I have to take into consideration that I have two children with after school activities as well as the fact that I am delivering across town. So with that I will not have the hubs at my total beck and call. Plus I am super picky so I need my things with me because having someone running to the nearest store likely won't fit my needs plus who has time for that post delivery? Also keep in mind that once your body goes into recovery mode your hormones will be in full force regulation mode. You may experience hot flashes, sweating, etc. Better to have what you need with you than not.

Hygiene Essentials.
Makeup - because you MUST be ready for your close up! 
Body Wash
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Facial care with a good moisturizer 
Hair care products - don't forget ponytail holders!
Glasses and or contact case & solution
Your preferred feminine napkins
Breast Pads- lots of them! My preferred brand here
HPA Lanolin - Very important especially if this is your first rodeo nursing! preferred brand here
Cheap flip flops for shower that you can toss!

Your hospital will likely provide everything needed for baby but I am that mom who keeps her baby for the majority of the time. However, I keep it simple with baby's items.

Diaper Bag
No need to cram all of your things together in one bag thus creating a mess when reaching for your items and there's no need to roll up to the hospital with a full sized suitcase! I purchased the BFF diaper bag in First Lady print from the Ju Ju be collection and I love it so far! I definitely recommend packing a separate bag for baby.

Packed within my diaper bag for baby are items such as -
A few onesies 
A few recieving blankets
Baby nail clippers
Pacifiers (in case baby is picky)
Going home outfit
Baby Book! I always get the nurses to ink baby's feet straight on the book when they come in to get footprints
There isn't a need to pack diapers or wipes unless your hospital doesn't provide them or they use a brand other than your preferred. 

Last but certainly not least bring that ever so raved about Boppy Pillow. It is indeed a life saver especially during post partum nursing.

Let's not forget this is the year 2016! Don't forget your Ipad, camera, and phone! I would recommend to keep your electronics to a minimum though. Leave the studio at home because the hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen items. I also leave my handbag at home. I tuck my ID and insurance card away in my bag. I recommend that you do the same because who's going to watch your handbag once you doze off into postpartum coma? 

Going Home -
Don't forget the car seat! In fact it is best to have your car seat properly secured at least two weeks before delivery because you are totally in the home stretch at this point! You may want to consider weather conditions! A car seat cover is ideal unless you don't mind draping a blanket over the car seat. Baby isn't ready for such bright light yet! I have a car seat cover from Milksnob and I love it. It is tucked away in the seat of baby girl's car seat so when hubby brings the seat into the hospital the cover is already there.

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