16 September 2016


I am uber excited to present to you my baby, baby girl's nursery! I hope you liked Aria's pretty pink circus! Blog life has taken quite a dive in these past few months because frankly "knocked up mommin' aint easy!" Ha! More particularly when you are a heavily involved mom academically and sports wise.

For the most part our pretty pink circus is just about complete minus one or two stuffed circus animals and closet organization. The closet is set up but I don't plan on doing newborn laundry until next month - my final month of pregnancy! Woo-hoo!

I've also finally completed Addie's big sis room and will post it here on the blog next week. In the case I haven't mentioned it my son is a middle school football player and I am currently working on his highlight reel wall to complete his room.

I love interior style and strongly believe your home is indeed your sanctuary. When someone enters your home they should be able to pick up on your personality a bit. Same applies to everyone's personal space such as their bedroom in my home.

Lots of the details in Aria's nursery were added. In other words the items didn't necessarily arrive with the exact style that you are viewing. I totally changed out the knobs on her dresser. I planned and styled this nursery on my own. Feel free to ask about any item in the comments below or on social!

Here's a peak into my first baby girl's upgraded room!

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