30 June 2016


Oh happy day! Sleepless nights and heartburn fueled mornings is somewhat what my mornings are like. The best, right? Ha! Well I must say that I am that excessive compulsive mom who insist that her kiddos wear pajamas to bed because it's just the appropriate thing to do. Which obviously means that I love a good pair of pj's myself. It's all about being comfortable. Now more than ever especially since most of my bottoms no longer fit. Plus the summer time heat has got this mama working up a night sweat! It's not even funny. Actually it sort of is because hubby sleeps in long sleeve shirts while I prefer a top and shorts at 65 degrees proper! Obvious enough when I viewed this cute + comfy pj's set on site at venus.com I had to have them.

First thing in the morning upon waking up baby girl loves to show off her ninja moves inside of my belly so I just lie there and bask in her activity for a minute. I must say that feeling her move is still quite surreal even the third time around. Having two older children really puts things into perspective about the little life growing inside of me. Such a beautiful thing!
Pregnancy is not a handicap and it certainly isn't a sentence to become frumpy. Not even in your sleepwear. I simply sized up to a medium in my pj's and the elastic band on the shorts certainly play a major role! Considering the fact that pregnancy takes your entire mind, body, and soul to get through it, I figure I'd better be as comfy as I can be without total sacrifice. The added bonus is I can still sleep tight in the same pair of pj's after baby girl arrives.

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