16 June 2016


Hey ladies! It's maternity style collaboration time and I am so happy to say that I've collaborated with Pink Blush Maternity. It took me a while to choose an item to style simply because there are so many stylish choices available at Pink Blush. As many of us know pregnancy is that one time where us mamas to be must expect the unexpected! Watching our bodies transform while growing a little tiny human can be emotional and sometimes shocking! This however does not mean that we have to totally dismiss stylish attire.
With this being my third child I can say that I am not all that shocked yet. Haa! So far my growing body is growing about the same as with previous pregnancies. Although I do not recall my appetite being this ridiculous. My hunger is impossible to satisfy some days which has got me really getting back into a fitness routine. I have not actually made it back to my gym yet but I am taking many measures around my home to ensure that I am incorporating some type of fitness.

So about this beautiful floral dress! I chose a dress that will allow me to grow a bit while still feeling beautiful. I love the color combination of this dress. It's so dainty and reminds me of a beautiful summer day. Great quality and nice and breezy. You can check out more Pink Blush Maternity pieces here at Pink Blush Maternity.com. Link to dress below.

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