15 June 2016


So happy to share my June Essence Beauty Box with you! I am totally amused at this box. I can truly say that I am aware of items that I was not previously aware of prior to receiving my baecation/staycation beauty box. The most amusing item that I have ever received is the Poo-pourri by Good Housekeeping. You guys I never knew such a thing existed. I am a modest gal and generally would not need this in public but imagine being on your first staycation or baecation with your guy. In this case this item may be a lifesaver. Haa! The scent of my poo-pourri is geranium which is the scent of a natural mosquito repellent plant. I am totally enlightened by this product! Hee-hee!

The June box also included cleansing facial wipes by simple. I am eager to try these wipes since I have sensitive skin.
 Brightening foaming cleanser by Equitance.
 A yummy soy massage candle by Ginger Yum.
 Impact + masacara by Purminerals.
I am pretty impressed with my June beauty box. I love learning about products that I have not encountered yet. To get your Essence Beauty Box simply go to Essencebeautybox.com. Each month you will receive five hand picked beauty products. Plans vary (see pricing below). Happy Beauty boxing!

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