07 May 2016


Hey, hey, hey stylelovers!
Consider this my very first "In Her Belly" post! There is a coolkid in the making as I am expecting number three. A baby girl to be exact. I am already in love and extremely thankful for all that life has to offer. So here's the deal, this is indeed not my first rodeo at becoming a mommy or ma-mah! I can't speak for everyone because some of you ladies are lucky enough to skip many of the struggles that come along with the first trimester of pregnancy. Me? Not so much! I've taken note that I seem to carry girls in a similar manner but with all of my pregnancies the first trimester is indeed the most challenging. So in addition to the common discomforts of the first trimester the issue of what to wear comes into focus. Serious focus! One word- bloat! Although I didn't experience any major bloat issues with my first pregnancy, not too much the second time but now third time around, let's just say that the first trimester bloat was very real!
In this post I am not wearing maternity. Not one piece. I was eleven weeks and a few days at the time. I specifically chose this asymetrical tank from venus.com because there really wasn't an obvious bump to style here. However, there was a whole lot of bloat going on! Haaa! Luckily the jeans that I am wearing here have a whole lot of stretch to them. The thing is, as a mom of two already I have to somewhat keep it together. This is especially true when you just aren't ready to announce to the world or everyone that crosses your path that your are well, knocked up! Some will see through and notice that something is different some won't and the others will just play dumb.
So the style goal here is to not to succumb to first trimester sluggish style attire. Don't get me wrong life isn't always all peaches and roses. Trust me when I say I had my days because I had them and those are the days that hubby stepped in and got the kiddos to where they needed to be. Other days I challenged myself to get it together. We are not young forever and I refuse to spend some of my best days feeling like my worst days. So I'll end this post on a very realistic note as a third time around busy mom who doesn't get any help outside of the hubby. Never ever succumb to everyday sweats everyday of your first trimester. One day you will think back on this precious time and you will want to like what you see! I will share my tips on first trimester wardrobe survival here soon! Until then...

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