24 March 2016


Happy Spring, fashionistas! Hope all has been well with you. So I was being a bit unrealistic in my last post when I mentioned wanting it all. Well I still want it all but reality tells me that I simply can not have it all at one time but I can damn sure work extremely hard to maintain what I have! I've been busy and tired these past few weeks to the point where I had to just let some days pass me by. Of course FOMO set in but boy so did reality! Heehee so here I am back at it again with a new post! Haaaa!
Some of y'all caught that! Seriously I am working a serious backlog of blog post here but I am totally up for the challenge so get ready for my blog post to be poppin' atcha'! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It's quite possibly the most colorful time of the year and as you know I love venus.com! Such a stylish fabulous site especially for us mamas who vow to keep things haute! So I'm wearing the keyhole maxi dress in coral. You can find this maxi HERE in mint and black also.
This keyhole maxi is best worn with a plunge bra like this one HERE, and HERE, or you may choose to wear gel inserts. I personally have grown out of mine at the moment so I am shopping my suggestions as well! I'm pretty sure that I want this dress in black also. It feels great to be back guys! Xo

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