03 February 2016


Happy hump day style lovers! I've embarked on quite a rigorous journey here lately. Hence my lack of post and off the grid status! In addition to all of the kiddos extra circulars and my obligations I decided to add yet another hat to my cluster of obligations. Ha, there's just something about NOT sitting still. I seriously want it all and there isn't a thing wrong with that! Also, my laptop died and my phone forced me to master reset it leaving all of my social media account passwords, etc up to memory. Talk about luck!

So with all of that being said I have to be really honest here and let you in on my moments of vanity. Truth is I like to appear as if everything that I am doing and that every obligation is a swift walk in the park. Truth is, the he vain gal in me is only able to execute such behavior by maintaining some type of beauty regimen. Ha! Seriously who wants to look like an over tired mom who wears too many hats? Not I! So as I've stated many times I love adding new products to my beauty arsenal so needless to say I was a pretty excited gal when a box filled with Algenist product appeared at my door step last month.

I received the Algenist gentle rejuvenating cleanser, GENIUS Ultimate Anti- Aging Eye Cream, Advanced Anti- Aging Repairing Oil, and firming and lifting cream C/O ALGENIST. Product deets listed below.

ALGENIST Firming & Lifting Cream 
visibly restores skin density 
Skin elasticity feels restored 
Helps skin feel firmer 
GENIUS Ultimate Anti- Aging Eye Cream
Visibly strengthens fragile eye area
Visibly firms upper eyelid area 
Fine lines & wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin luminosity is improved 
Instantly softens and smoothes skin texture
Nourishes and hydrates skin
Leaves skin more supple and radiant
Gently cleanses without drying the skin
Effectively removes impurities and makeup
Leaves skin refreshed
Valued at $120 I must say that I am very pleased with the ALGENIST product. The fact is, no matter how busy or how many task we as women, more importantly women who hustle have, we mustn't forget about meeting our most basic beauty skin care needs. Find out more about ALGENIST products HERE. Also available in ULTA stores.

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