22 January 2016


Hey there style lovers! I am so excited to share my most recent StriVectin product with you! I've been a pretty busy gal here lately but today I have zero obligations and in my effort to remain ageless plan to do a little self pampering. I am pretty ecstatic to add the StriVectin Multi- Action Restorative cream to my beauty arsenal! The Multi- Action restorative cream is to be used both in the a.m. and p.m.

As I stated several times before taking care of self is a definite necessary and I plan to do just that with the multi action restorative cream. This moisturizer is the first of it's kind and uses cutting edge science to target the 12 most visible signs of aging. The pro-12 youth optimizing complex reinvigorates skin to initiate a cascade of revitalizing effects which target the 12 visible signs of aging. The NIA-114 technology replenishes and strengthens skin's moisture barrier to impede water loss and maximize hydration. With my ridiculously busy schedule taking care of me never felt so good! Product link below.

I love receiving new products to try and to share but I love them even more when I receive a letter. I keep and file away every single one!  Personal touch will never go out of style and I love the brands that take the time to add that special touch!

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