17 January 2016


Happy Sunday style lovers! How are ya'? So today I finally faced a beauty fear of mine! I contoured and highlighted my face. [insert claps here] First of, I will be the first to admit that I am not by any chance a beauty guru. I've worn make up since high school but that doesn't mean that I knew what I was doing! Haaa! So I decided that it's finally time that I take the plunge and jump onto the contour train! So with this post I will tell and show you my first experience with highlighting and contouring courtesy of PUR cosmetics!

So as you can see I received five PUR cameo contour sticks. My goal today was to create a natural contour look. Oh my gosh, talk about being super nervous and excited at the same time. I received the PUR cameo contour sticks in Light, Tan, Medium, Dark, and Deep.
With a fresh face I first started with contouring the outline of my face with the darker side of the PUR cameo contour stick. Keep in mind that I am a complete novice when it comes to contouring and highlighting. Total novice! Before starting my contouring and highlighting I applied a brow pencil, lip gloss and mascara.
Next I began the highlighting with the other end of the PUR cameo contour stick. The fact that the cameo contour stick contains both the contour and highlighting foundation is what I can best describe as contouring for dummies. That's me! My focus was to ensure that I did not "create a face" for myself. I know....wait whaat? I have to keep it real and state the fact that I have viewed loads of tutorials across social media where women literally transform their face to achieve an everyday look that doesn't look anything like them before. I did not want to do that! So on to the highlighting.

Yes, yes the kiddos were highly inclined to sing the Lion King tune when they walked into my room. They are always, always in my business. I sent my hubby a picture and he without any hesitation mouth out you look like the Lion King! Haha love it!
I've learned that the highlighting is what takes the longest because the purpose of highlighting is to highlight the features that you would like to stand out or tweak a bit. Such as your cheek bones. You guys I had so much fun playing in make up and I am now confident enough to leave the house with a completely done contoured and highlighted face!
I thought this entire process would take me a few hours. Yes, a few hours but I am happy to report that I completed my first attempt at contouring and highlighting in less than one hour! Using my beauty blending sponge that came with my PUR cameo contour stick I blended the highlighting and contour. With the contour you will want to blend towards the hairline and with the highlightinh you are basically filling in the empty spaces with the highlighting. Once done the entire face should have contouring and highlighting foundation on it. Since I am a novice I used two separate blending sponges to avoid spreading the contour over the highlighting.
To apply my foundation I used a typical foundation sponge and oh my I love the natural highlighting and contouring look I achieved. I then applied my blush and lipstick and my beauty look was complete. I have class in the morning and I am thinking of contouring before heading to class Heehee. The PUR Cameo Contour stick with blending sponge is a very inexpensive way to contour and it's extremely easy. If I can do it, you can do it!

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