15 January 2016


Happy Friday style lovers! I totally decided to take a walk on the trendy side today. As if this is any surprise, ha! So today before getting into my routine the hubby and I took the opportunity to snap a few blog pics before we got into the business of today. Lo and behold while we were snapping the pics you see above someone (a passer by) decided to call the cops on us. As the hubby and I were blissfully snapping away I noticed a constable aggressively turning the corner. Turns out someone reported us as potential burglar suspects. Having never broken the law the hubby and I were immediately amused. Then the female cop pulled up. Keep in mind the male cop was equipped with his police dog. So someone definitely reported us! There we were in broad day light with the camera around the hubby's neck, in glasses,dressed in a button down, and jeans and then there's me in a pair of booties totally about to stick 'em up! Totally!

So to sum it up, blogging is quite interesting at times. Luckily I was pretty much done with my shots after enduring such a dramatic scene. On the other hand this is why I love blogging because blogging is indeed a platform where stereotypes have the potential to be broken through self expression!

So back to my look of the day. Paired with the Michael Kors Rhea Small Studded Leather Backpack and a pair of trendy booties from my closet considering duties of the day I decided a denim shirt dress was fitting.  I still can't believe that the hubby and I were identified today but it is what it is! I must add that the cop was very pleasant and was equally annoyed with the call but professionally fulfilled his legal obligations upon answering such a call. Just another day in blog life! Bag and dress details below!

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