08 December 2015


Happy Tuesday Style Lovers! Feels like forever since I've blogged! Ha, hiatus totally unexpected and unplanned. Life gets hectic this time of year especially when you throw in traveling and birthday behavior. Last week the hubs gave me the most amazing birthday experience ever. Thirteen years later and I am proud to say that our love is still new. Far from perfect yet we've still got so far to go. I look forward to us renewing our vows in 2018! 

So about this time of the year! Whew if you are anything like me you are probably just beginning to get your gifting together. It never fails, every year I find myself squirming at the calendar as my daughter happily counts down the days left until Christmas! As much as I plan, I often fail to plan! So when I find out about a new product or come upon a unique gifting idea my lights turn on. I was very excited when KidRobot Yummy World reached out to me. My daughter loves these type of toys. She is a collector. Drives me up a wall at times but she definitely has a purpose to her collecting habits. She loves to collect unique items that mean something. My daughter received the bookmark Cheezy Pie, Strawberry Plush, Coco Plush, and a blind box key chain. 

Kidrobot is an innovative cross between sculpture and conceptual art and is the premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toys. You can find this contemporary culture at Kidrobot stores in San Francisco and Las Vegas. You can also find Kidrobot at Toys R Us in addition to pop up shops appearing in cities worldwide. The characters of Kidrobot are all uniquely named. My daughter is totally loving her Che & Ree key chain. If you are at a loss when it comes to stocking fillers for your kiddo, or  any other close children to you Kidrobot makes for a very unique and cute gift! Check out more unique characters at KIDROBOT.COM! Happy gifting! Deets to the items in this post below.

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