05 November 2015


Hey Style Lovers! Hope you guys are doing well! So in our current world of all things social our big world is made small! Follow me? Well what I mean is gone are the days of having to wonder how things work. More specifically gone are the days of wondering how to live out your passion, your dream per se'. Personally I can attest to the fact that when meeting someone new or just even in any social hour setting somewhere in the conversation you or the person you are conversing with will ask what you do, how you do it, and how you got started. This happens to me pretty often. Many individuals ask me how I started blogging, how I became a brand ambassador or how I've obtained some of the collaborations that I've done as you may have seen here on IHH.
So after a few rescheduled meetings I finally got to sit down with the founder and development team of  the #besomebody app! After sitting down with the team the best way that I could summarize the #besomebody app is "that thing that's missing." That something that you didn't know that you needed until it's available. Personally, since I began blogging consistently, I've received emails and DM's ranging from how I became a Brand Ambassador to how I started my blog, if I make money blogging, etc. I'm very flattered when I receive these type of emails/DM's and I try to answer any questions that I receive to the best of my ability. Well now I have a platform that will allow me to share my experience as a growing blogger. You can find me on the #besomebody app currently available in the Apple App store. Don't fret fellow andriod users the andriod app is coming soon!

So about the #besomebody concept. Launched in Austin, TX, as stated to me the #besomebody app is an app that provides education via technology; Ed-Tech! Education on any topic doesn't start and end in the classroom. Experience matters and experience is indeed a source of education! I can personally attest to that notion. Anyone can purchase education but you can't purchase experience. However, you can learn and become influenced by an inspiring and experienced individual. With that being said the #besomebody app provides the platform for you to learn anything that you are indeed passionate about by booking experiences with local “Passionaries” such as myself near you. If you'd like to book with me you can HERE. You can also click the Book Me logo to the right on my page. Each experience on the #besomebody app comes with it's own unique fee. Currently #besomebody is running a promotion specifically for the Houston launch. Using the code HTOWN you are able to book an experience for free up to $50.00. That's basically a $50.00 credit! So at no cost to you you can learn a little bit about a passion that you are curious about but simply haven't cracked the code on how or where to start. Never be afraid to follow your passion.

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