21 October 2015


Happy hump day! So as I've stated previously I've landed on the good side of happy hair and have received a few awesome hair products to review. Today I used the RedKen blow dry collection. I'm thoroughly impressed. Straightening natural hair isn't easy at all especially mine! A natural frizzy poofy mess of tangles and shrinkage is the best way I can describe my hair. So with that being said I am very happy Redken reached out to me! A girl can NEVER have too many hair products. Never!

The products I received are -

Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer-  On the market March 2014, the blow dry express primer cuts blow dry time, protects the hair from heat and breakage. It is best used when applied to damp hair and styled with heat (blow dry). The blow dry express primer allows for quick drying and results in a smooth and silky finish.

Glow Dry - Released August of this year, glow dry is a style enhancing blow-dry oil. It reduces blow dry time when paired with the pillow proof blow dry express primer. Glow dry adds instant shine and is a style enhancer for all hair types. Totally bananas over the glow dry diamond shaped bottle!

Pillow proof blow dry two day extender- On the market March 2014, the pillow proof two day extender instantly refreshes hair and preps for updos (hello topknot) by giving extra grip. This two day extender also absorbs oil to extend the life of the blow dry. Blow out as some may call it. This product works best on hair that isn't freshly shampooed as it is a dry shampoo.

So today I decided that I will rock the straight look for fall or at least until my birthday. Aside from minimal flat iron use my hair is straight thanks to blow dry. I incorporated the Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer as well as the glow dry. Again, I am very impressed.

Redken 5th Ave is a professional hair care and hair color company. With a backstage presence at Fashion Week in NY, London, Milan, and Paris Redken has become a leader in backstage beauty creating runway looks for the industry's most prestigious designers.

To locate a Redken salon and or purchase Redken produts visit www.redken.com for salons or styleseat.com/redken. Keep in mind that Redken products can only be deemed authentic when purchased directly from Redken or Redken salons.

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