29 October 2015


Happy Thursday style lovers! With every year that passes as my birthday approaches I begin to reflect on the year. It's so easy to figure out how we want to celebrate the date that we are forever embedded with in terms of gracing earth with our presence. So with that this year, I asked myself "what's the best gift I've ever received?" Naturally my children were the answer so I dug a little further and I asked myself "what's the best gift that you have ever given yourself?" In this current day of self destruction we so often neglect ourselves to please others. To fit society's standards of what is normal or how someone should look. Social media plays a huge factor in this type of self destruction. I'm talking self destruction in terms of the latest trending implant, injection and or fat transfer. While I am not knocking anyone's personal choice or measures to seek total body happiness it definitely weighed heavy on my mind this summer. Especially with everyone's obsession with the fattest booty, the biggest thigh gap or the best lips. Even more so after I experienced a bit of *troll-ism* on one of my blog pics posted to a fan page last week.

I was called out for being too skinny to have a pooch and was suggested to be pregnant. This negative comment was followed up by two other trolls who stated that the jumpsuit that I was wearing (three blog post up) wasn't flattering on me at all. The latter two comments were suggestively 'only' intended to negatively state the fit of the jumpsuit on me but weren't about me. Negative is negative and there's no taking back negative commentary in this current day.

So being the individual that I am, a woman who lives in her truth daily I responded in a very professional manner to the most negative comment of them all by simply advising that I am not pregnant. She responded with an extremely positive compliment but there wasn't anything left for me to say. To make a negative situation short none of the three women who commented negatively whether regarding my size or the fit of the jumpsuit had any room to talk. I could clearly see that all three of them were much bigger/ thicker in size than me but yet I was being judged. To say the least a great laugh is what this commentary gave me but it also shed so much light on women in this current day. We often blame men as the ones at fault for the filthy competition between women. However, we are indeed the gender that judges the next woman more severely than the male gender. We (women) are the first to say something like "Oh she's pretty BUT...." or "oh I was not talking about you I was talking about the jumpsuit." [insert side eye here] If I'm wearing the jumpsuit than you errr ummm ARE talking about me. It for sure isn't a comment intended to make me feel good!

So with all of this being said the root of all of this displaced energy has everything to do with personal happiness. It takes a decent amount of time to involve yourself with "troll like" activity to say the least. I am a busy mom so as I go through my day I may or may not scroll social media intermittently but that's for a good 60 seconds, 120 if I've got a little time. Basically enough time to like a few post at the top of my feed. Real life is more important and there are too many platforms to check all day everyday! So my conclusion to situations like this petty one that I am posting about is if we would just take the time to invest in self versus obsessing over what the next person is doing via social media our lives would be so much more fulfilled. So many of us like to live, absolutely live on social media yet deny that everything that everyone else is posting is real. Yes, many embellish online or have daily agendas set to portray the perfect life but a lot of what others post is indeed real and it's totally OK that they may be doing better than you!. Seriously it's OK, but you'd only agree with me on this if you are totally OK with self. Everyone works differently to achieve their goals in their do time. That's the thing! 

So this year in the month of September, I decided that I'd give myself the gift of getting fit. Totally for me. The hubs is more than satisfied and I am very happy with self however, I personally know that I can do better. You know that whole "when you know better, you do better" notion. I know better and so do those that involve themselves in troll like activity. They simply choose NOT to do better!

If you follow my twitter than you know I've been in the gym. Finding a good gym is key and is the best therapy. There are so many small gyms out there that are catered to the needs of plenty. Even those that address the insecurities of some. I personally have two gym memberships, one is a women's only gym and the other I joined so the hubby and I could work out together on occasion. Anyway, my gym of choice is the women only gym because I am totally comfortable in my element and I do not care who is watching me. I can't go hard when I feel creeping eyes on me, Ha! 

So, if you gotten this far I personally thank you for reading my sermon and I encourage you to give yourself the best gift that you deem possible. Personal health and fitness is by far the greatest gift no matter what avenue you begin with. 

On a fit style note, I am wearing my absolute fave fall look from the Fabletics Fall Book collection. I'm wearing Komodo and I get so many compliments on this piece every time I wear it! To check out more Fab fit style you are welcome to sign up using my personal link HERE.  Happy gifting to self!

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