30 October 2015


As a busy mom of two I can personally attest to the fact that taking the time to take care of you is totally possible. In fact it is essential. Being a mom does not mean giving up everything. The truth is the better you are the better off they are. While we can't all pull off reality star mom flawless on a daily we can too can achieve feeling effortlessly flawless. I believe that feeling flawless first starts with a great body care routine.

Skin care is the foundation to basically everything. So what I like to do as a busy mother and wife is to be sure that I have my essentials. The essentials that I am speaking of are the right facial care product, my favorite body wash, and I must have shaving cream on deck because hairy legs & I are not friends. I can not with leg stubble. CAN NOT!

Olay body wash and skintimate shaving cream are my longest standing contenders. I recently had the opportunity to try the StriVectin Oxygen Infusion Smoothing Mask and I love it. Funny thing is I didn't realize that the mask actually foamed once it's on. Once on it tingles a bit as it penetrates the skin. I had a little fun entertaining the kiddos with my mask. Here I am one week later and my skin is definitely glowing. I definitely am loving StriVectin products. Totally loving them. What I've noticed with all of the StriVectin products that I've had the pleasure of reviewing is that every single product has left me with an awesome glow. You know your skin care routine is getting good when others begin to compliment your skin.

As long as you've got a good facial care product, a good body wash (not one that will dry your skin) and a good shaving cream on deck you've got the basics to down to start your busy mom day. Also, as the holiday season approaches the StriVectin line would serve as a great gift for a busy mom that you may know in your life. Have a great weekend!

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