13 October 2015


Happy late Tuesday style lovers! It's currently 10:50 and here I am blogging! Ha, this is my crazy hectic life. Today has been one of those days where I simply can not seem to wrap my head around anything. Such an unorganized day. [insert eye roll & side eye combo here]

So Profile Pro reached out to me to try their product and I must say that first off the packaging and process is pretty cool! I haven't actually used this product quite yet as I recently have received a few hair products and I'd like to allow enough time to pass before I move on to the next product. Hope that makes sense!

Here's what's so cool about Profile Pro shampoo and conditioner. There are three steps required to determine your specific shampoo and conditioner. Your shampoo & conditioner formula are created based on the answer you provide by answering a few questions in your profile. With this in mind it is important that you answer your hair questions as accurately as possible.

My formula is TS0000-78-S101C3. After completing your hair profile you have the option to choose your scent of choice as well as bottle size. So cool! I chose coconut because I'm in love with the coco! Ha, just a little jokey joke! I'm simply familiar with all things coconut when it comes to my hair. I must say that the scent is amazing and the personalized bottles are just too cute. When I first realized this super cute feature I immediately thought of the college dorm life. Seriously, if someone uses your shampoo they totally meant to do it! Heehee!

A full size bottle of Profile Pro shampoo and conditioner is 10 ounces and without subscription the two are $34.95. Find more on pricing HERE.  I'm pretty excited to try my shampoo and can't wait to update you guys. Learn more about Profile Pro HERE! Let me know if you've tried this shampoo before or plan to!

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