05 October 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! I don't know there's just something about red lips and leopard print. Particularly for those " I have nothing to wear days." Though they say everyday is your runway those of us who are about that mom life know very well this isn't always the case! Ha! Some days we just want to be basic, right? Don't worry it's totally OK to admit it! 

So with that, maintaining a stylish appearance doesn't require a full fledged glam squad. Though I'd love it if I could have one on deck. It'd go a little something like Heeey, girl what look are you going to give me today?! Haha! Truth is your true style starts at home the moment you wake up. Maybe you want to be basic today and by basic I mean a white tee and a pair of jeans. OK, so be basic! The trick is to bring your basic look all together chic with just one expensive looking or stylish piece. A cognac moto jacket or leopard pumps will do just that for you. Another option is a nice handbag. This will totally put your look together and have others whispering I don't know how she always looks so well put together. Whispering things like "doesn't she have kids?" Heehee, joking only! So anyway, as you can see that's what I did here. I felt like being stylishly basic! Keep it real but most importantly keep it stylish! 

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