07 September 2015


Heeey style lovers! Hope this labor day bids you well whether on leisure time or at work. Today is such a beautiful day and I am enjoying it with family! Gotta love a three day weekend. I feel like I've gotten my feet back under me having had zero obligations this weekend! I don't know what happened but the second week of back to school had me falling apart. I couldn't catch up.

I am often told that I make this mommy, wifey, blogger, and ambitious nature of mine look easy. I take that as a serious compliment because none of this, not one single bit of it is easy! The thing is, everything I do, I do it with passion so I personally hold myself accountable. However, I am at times my own worst enemy but that keeps me in check. Yet I maintain a fun approach to life and it all by the grace of God happens to come together for me.

So my approach to today's look is my fun interpretation of comfy, chic. I love patchwork denim and this type of denim promotes a very easy summer to fall transitional look. I decided that a hat was appropriate for today's look seeing that my hair likes to be friends with humidity. Simple heels are easy but trust that flip flops are on deck! Heehee!

So as I end today's post I simply want to say that when you see a girl boss compliment her. Whatever she is doing know that it is hard work and if she inspires you reach out to her and let her know. Otherwise if you allow her inspiration to be your motivation but you have too much pride to actually chat with her than you my friend are no different than the naysayers and you might just be a copycat! Don't be sneaky! Shout out to all of the girl bosses out there making things happen and generating their own without crossing boundaries and stepping on anyone else's toes. Deets on denim below!

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