04 September 2015


Hey style lovers! Happy Friday. So I decided to post a little message here in the name of fashion. Ha! A topic that is very near and dear to me is that of self love. I'm pretty sure that I've posted about this topic before here on the blog so excuse me if I am redundant!
As simple of a topic as it is I often find that the ability to love self is not as reachable as imagined. There are many different reasons and factors that leave individuals disliking self or simply avoiding to take care of themselves at all. Taking care of self is both a physical and emotional effort. If we as individuals do not set standards as to how we will allow others to treat us then we are exercising a form of self neglect. I'm just going to put it out there. Women who love themselves do not hate on other women for simply being themselves. In fact, we do the opposite. We SUPPORT other women.
Let's face it, there are many individuals who are committed to not liking you. Therefore, they will always focus on anything negative pertaining to you versus the positive. Even if the positive out weighs the negative! You mustn't forget that they are committed to NOT liking you. What's important to realize here is that individuals who do not like you lack self love. The fact that you are confident enough to love yourself is the very reason  they hate you. Citing you as conceited, self absorbed, superficial, etc.
This is when you must learn to truly embrace yourself and go straight into 'girlbye' mode. In other words nothing absolutely NOTHING that others say have any effect on you! Truth is you've probably at one time or another looked out, covered for, or kept these type of individuals in the know at some time or another. Don't be fooled by expecting them to value that. You mustn't forget they are committed to not liking you!

Now I don't know about you but the energy that it takes to wish bad upon, hate on, behave maliciously is just a form of energy that I do not have. If these type of individuals put as much energy into self by digging deep and finding confidence they'd understand why the ones they love to hate appear to be winning in life! So today, if you are that woman that knows very well that you decided to dislike someone for no apparent reason then I am calling you out!
You know who you are and it's time that you kept it real with self. Anyone who knows me knows that I cut no corners when it comes to delivering honesty. This is because I expect the same in return. Honesty no matter what takes a lot of self confidence and the fact is no matter how many times your spouse, parents or friends tell you that you are beautiful, YOU must believe and receive it for yourself. Life will take care of the rest! Look deets below!

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