21 September 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! I'm feeling great and I hope that you are too. So I received a beautifully wrapped package of shampoo, conditioner and leave in moisturizer from Proganix. I've noticed Proganix hitting the shelves inside of local retail stores in the past few months and I kept saying to myself that I would have to try this product. So with that being said I am happy to review the products that Proganix sent to me.   

I washed with the Quench coconut H20 +(Electrolytes) shampoo and conditioner moisturizing + nourish. I used both the leave in Quench moisture balm and spray. The balm comes in a pump bottle and is a cream substance. It goes on the hair so light and smells so good. Yesterday after washing I did a complete blow out on my hair, and today I am wearing a super simple twist out. The only product I used on my hair to achieve a twist out was the Quench leave in moisturizer.

Now my hair is definitely not black never has been and I have no idea what hair texture I fall under in terms of hair type labels. Yet  I can tell you that my hair gets that dusty dry look very fast and very easy because I lovinly inherited my fathers brown/red hair. If you've ever paid attention to my natural hair you may have noticed that the lower half of my hair is lighter. You can sort of see what I am talking about in this post HERE, this was February of this year before I trimmed my hair. Once the weather cools my hair color changes and the red/brown hair becomes more prominent. I have no idea what this means and there are way too many theories out that regarding natural hair for me to comprehend.Waaaay too many! I just know that my hair NEEDS and thrives on moisturizer. Either way  I must say that the Quench leave in moisturizers are pretty fab at helping to control frizz!

Maintaining both mine and my daughters hair is definitely a job and my biggest pet peeve with hair care products are those that just sit on the hair, especially natural hair. Some may know what I am speaking of. Both mine and my daughters hair is thick and fluffy with really high shrinkage so I surely appreciate a hair care product that can do the job without putting the extra weight on our hair.

You can read more on the Proganix Quench products and find a store near you HERE.

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