18 September 2015


Happy Friday Style Lovers! So the first official day of fall is next Wednesday. I'm excited to welcome my favorite season and yes I am aware that fall is all that I've been talking about and yes it's still primarily hot but duh that's what happens during seasonal transition time. We go on and on about the season approaching. Ha!

All though it's very obvious that I am a colorful gal I can also appreciate a sleek and super fierce look! Yes, yes, yes! Today on the blog is quite possibly one, just one of my fave fall looks. I love a faux leather pant and a edgy jacket so I decided to pair these two together accompanied with the tie back faux suede boot. You may have noticed the same pair in yesterdays post.

These are a serious pair of  bad you know what boots! I feel like a total ummm girl boss?! Heehee! It may still be warm but it's definitely the time to get your fall wardrobe working. This head to toe apparel look is available at venus.com. Look deets below!

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