30 September 2015


Fringe is currently trending harder than ever! You can't help but to appreciate the resurfacing of the fringe fashion statement but don't get it twisted because the fringe that is currently trending now is not a one trick pony at all. Fringe can be worn on just about any piece of clothing! Fringe is popping everywhere! In fact you can wear it instyle on jackets, sweaters, skirts, dresses, handbags, earrings, vest, boots, and booties. You guys, I will be sad when this trend fades because I unknowingly have been on an all fringe everythang' mission. Haaa! Not really but when shopping I have been leaning towards fringe. Quite possibly the best feature of fringe is the fact that it can be worn to incorporate a hippie or bohemian vibe or it can give you that flare. That head turning "Giiirl, did you see her boots" fabulousity! Get your fringe on ladies.

The cape, yasss'! You have to emphasize the yassss' when it comes to the cape! Such a sophisticated, classy and fabulous look for fall. Since I am not at least 5'5 when wearing a cape I will pretty much wear high heeled boots with it. Depends on how low the cape hangs on me. Some I can wear a flat boot with but just be sure your cape isn't looking like a blanket on you. Nonetheless, the cape is a fabulous piece and you should have one in your fall wardrobe. Pair it with a hair off of the shoulder look and some stunner shades and the wind will blow just for you because you will look just that fabulous! Que finger snaps and hair flip!

I've already told you guys how I feel about the sleeveless jacket! Totally falling for them. This in my personal opinion just may be the most versatile piece that a fashionista can have in her closet. With the sleeveless jacket you can pair it with a long or short sleeve shirt, a dress, leggings, skinny jeans, put a belt on it and wear it as a dress. Any of those ways would be fun and fab. Plus if the weather outside isn't full on fall weather than you can just slip that baby right off!

If you didn't know it already, oxblood is the color of the season. Personally I feel as if this color looks good on just about any skin tone. It's such a deep, rich color and it also blends well with many other colors. Pair it with cognac, black, or grey, etc. Either way you will look fab in it!

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