28 September 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! Right now the temp is 70 and I will take that. Let's not get it twisted though, fall does happen here in Houston it just has a tough time officially getting started. Once the cooler weather hits typically late October it will last until February, sometimes March. We simply do not experience  epic winters like the northern and some of the other southern regions. However, we get a lot more fall and winter than coastal states such as Florida and California. It annoys me a little when we act like we do not get an ounce of fall but then complain when our fall mornings start in the very low 30's! Cut it out!

So I fell in love with this sleeveless jacket when I tried it on. Sleeveless jackets are just the perfect piece for fall transitional weather. Had to have it. It looks way more fab in person. I'm not sure that I actually did this baby justice but alas this jacket will be on heavy rotation this fall. Here I am wearing it very casually but it's pretty versatile and can be worn so many ways. I do love an effortless yet stylish casual look and that's what I was going for last week while lunching downtown. Hope you are off to a great week. Style deets below.

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