24 August 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! Today I am officially back on the routine train. Yes, gawd! Ha, but never mind me because when school lets out for the summer I will be just as excited. Anyway, today I am bringing light to a very special movement of women empowering women. If you've ever glanced over at my blog profile page you know that I am totally for women empowering other women. So with that being said, last month I learned about a beautiful movement called The Her Initiative. 
The Her Initiative provides health and access to clean water as well as specific health and hygiene curriculum to women in developing communities around the world. Kayla Fruchtman, Director of Development and Marketing of The Her Initiative  is pursuing her passion of empowering women.
By creating The Her Initiative, Healing Water’s campaign for women and children, she is uniting her passion for women and girls with the most basic human need: clean water.

The truth is we as women are powerful beings, we simply need to own the leadership that we have been blessed with. This is why proper sanitation, the most basic human need and right, is especially important to women. The Her Initiative is an initiative to get women here supporting women there. Just think about it, women supporting women could really change the world!
While I definitely cannot speak for other women I can certainly attest to the fact that there isn't anything that any one individual can do to me to stop me from being me. However, if I dared to imagine life without sanitized water I'm pretty sure that I'd have to retract my words. I believe that this is probably true for many of us. When I think of the energy that it takes to run my home as wifey and mommy I truly have to commend the women around the world that maintain to the ability to do the same through the absence of clean water. I am always moved by a movement especially a movement that totally embraces what I like to call she-power. Read more about The Her Initiative by visiting their site http://theherinitiative.org/. In the mean time I wish you a fab week of light and laughter.

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