25 August 2015


Happy Tuesday! Class is back in session, the coolkids are reaching milestones and I couldn't feel more blessed! It appears that this year I am also taking lessons! I'm learning how to let my babies grow. The best thing about this phase in parenting is that as a parent this stage really allows you to see first hand the fruit of your labor. I have always been the independent one. The kid who could hold her own and tell you how she really feels and I've always wanted to pass this trait to my kiddos. Well boy have I accomplished that. School shopping this year proved just that as we went on a three day expenditure in the pursuit of coolkid style!
OMG! So many of my picks got rejected. Well maybe not that many but I realized very early into our shopping experience that I was not going to be able to pick everything out while the kiddos nod in agreement. Ha, but this is a good thing! I shouldn't be shocked at all, I mean I am a self proclaimed fashionista!
I honestly love seeing my children live and relish in who they are. My job as mommy is to guide them. Not to direct them. Here's the break down on that...a director directs while the directed individual follows. Typically that follower has no clue what's going on and are totally comfortable in being directed. A guide, however advises the individual of what's next to come, things to expect and how to react to them. A guide typically serves as an informant allowing the individual being guided to form their own opinion and see things for themselves. Indeed my children think for themselves and I am very proud of that! So to all of the parents out there I wish you a great year of academics and continued parental learning experiences!
So as I embrace the milestones my kiddos are reaching I remain thankful. Most importantly I remain in school as the Coolkids take me to school in parenting. Coolkid number one is wearing Abercrombie Kids and because he is working on his sneaker game he is wearing a pair of Jordans. Coolkid number two is wearing Justice head to toe. Together they are serving academic fresh!

Her Look

 His Look

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