27 August 2015


Happy Thursday style lovers! We are on day four of school and my baby girl apparently has a crush. Lawd help me! In the words of Kevin Hart "Noooooo, I wasn't ready!!" You guys my babes are growing up and I'm feeling indifferent. I can't, I simply can not! Ha! So as you may have viewed on my social media, I've partnered with strivectin.com for a blogger review.
My package could not have arrived in more perfect timing. The day I returned home from Grand Cayman Islands my revitalizing mask had arrived. Silly me, while on vacation I neglected using any type of sunblock. I typically have it on deck but packing for an international trip with two kiddos isn't the funnest thing to do. The resort provided sunscreen but by the time we made it out to the beach each evening it was all gone for the day. So I returned home with a major tan that left a nice outline of my fabulous sunnies on my face!
Major oops because I know better! I have to say that I am very impressed with the strivectin instant revitalizing mask. I made sure to use this product for a good two weeks before reviewing. I have very sensitive skin and I wanted to see what this product could do for me. I know it definitely radiated my skin because my kiddos kept asking me if I had something on my face because my skin was and still is pretty shiny (their words). I proudly answered no! I've used  the strivectin instant revitalizing mask every other day for two weeks and just a little portion goes a long way.
The revitalizing mask by strivectin has definitely helped even out my skin tone due to my very own neglect. My skin is so much brighter; very radiant. Most definitely a staple in my skin care regimen now. I strongly recommend! Shine bright! Read more about the specifics of  each product offered at strivectin.com.

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