10 August 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! Here I am coming to you in all of my Carribean tan glory! What can I say this island life is hard on a girl! Ha! As always I hope that all is well in your life. As for me I am forever grateful of everything that I have in life. Especially the three F's. Family, faith, and fashion! So with that here I am showing you guys my gift from official Lilly Pulitzer. Oh my goodness, I have to be honest when I opened my email and viewed the sender noted @lillypulitzer.com my initial response was no way. Then I went into the whole OMG, shut the front door Lilly is sending me a gift! After my little dramatic spell I responded accordingly and there you have the story behind how I received my beautiful gift from Lilly!

You might remember my post raving and ranting about the Lilly for Target items that I was able to lay hands on as well as the fiasco that surrounded that collab. See that post here.  I do believe that Lilly holds the record for the fastest designer to sell out across the nation within the first one to two hours of all Target store openings. While there aren't any facts to back me on this I stand by my statement based off of what I eye witnessed! Ha!

So the Deanna romper is just too cute. The fabric is simply amazing and perfect for any day spent at the resort. As sticky as I got being a tourist and while walking through the shops at Camana Bay the fabric not once clung to me. In fact a fellow fashionista and her family approached us as I had the hubby and kiddos posted up for a camera shot, complimented my Lilly (while wearing her Lilly) and offered to take a family picture for us. The ambiance here is amazing! I also received a super cute clutch. I'm not sure if the clutch is from a previous or coming season (feel free to correct me). Either way it is super cute and resort chic! Link to romper below. Stay Fab!

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