18 August 2015


Happy Tuesday style lovers! Zaful.com sent me this dress to review. All opinions expressed are my own. 
So personally I've never ordered from zaful.com so when they contacted me to review an item on their site I chose a few looks. The first look that I chose was the army green slit dress because it is my definite style but I was unfortunately informed that the army green dress (HERE) was sold out. It appears that this dress is still available on site so I am not personally aware of how sold out items are notified to customers prior to purchase. With the information that my initial pick was sold out I sent four additional options and ended up with the blue lace short sleeve dress (HERE). This dress consists of a crocheted lace layer. Upon trying this dress on I gave no mind to the fact that the dress is not knee length as it appears on site. This price point of the items on zaful.com are highly affordable so the length was not a MAJOR concern. Thus I happily engaged in shooting a few quick pictures for the purpose of review.
Online this dress appeared very classy and appeared to be the perfect length for the style of this dress. I must say that I was one excited fashionista when I received delivery notification but because I own this blog and my integrity lies within my reviews I have to keep it real. You guys while this dress is a definite stunner by style the actual craft and fitting could stand just a tad more attention. Excited to review this piece I took it out of the package and hung it up because I'd already noted this dress as a post this week. It wasn't until after posing to take my pictures that I realized the shoulder pattern differential. Online the knitted pattern appears to fall evenly on the arm. Almost displaying a leaf life look to the sleeves. If you look very closely at my pics you will notice that the patterns are off.
You may ask why I decided to go forward with this post after the noted flaws. My reasoning behind this post is first I did not expect to send an item up for review back, secondly when I am contacted to review an item I try to plan for that post once the item has been shipped. After all I am a wife, and mother with two hands full of duties. I don't have a lot of time for impromptu blog post to cover for an item in slightly different condition and third, well we all know it, you get what you pay for. As I stated above the pricing on zaful.com is highly affordable. For some these minor issues may not be a huge deal and the flaws that I mention could be related solely to this crochet dress. Since I am not a repeat customer I cannot attest to this but because I am a blogger I can for sure provide you with my honest review. I hope you can respect me for that. Not all bloggers are hopeless product pushers! Ha!
So with that being said in the world of online fashion we as consumers must do our research to determine the online clothing sites that work best for us. What is obvious to my obsessive compulsive eye may not not be a huge deal to others. Some may also have the ability to altar and correct a garment. To each their own. Nonetheless, zaful.com appears to list some pretty fashionable pieces. The choice is yours!

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