03 August 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! Hope your week is off to an awesome start! Today I decided to showcase just a bit of my interior style. My goal was to lighten up the look of our living room in addition to adding personal touches. I created our canvas 'LOVE' art a few months ago using supplies from Hobby Lobby. I decided last month to make 'HOPE' as well. Of course these two DIY's were totally inspired by the street art in the city of New York. HOPE was located right outside of our hotel during our Christmas stay in NY. See that blog post HERE. So as you may or may not know I completely repainted this room earlier this month. In fact, I've  repainted the entire downstairs. I've brightened up all of the rooms by using very natural paint colors and played with gray a little. The same color of charcoal gray on the media wall is the exact color that I decided to repaint the half bath located downstairs as well.

In my home I've always gone with affirming words. I kind of have a thing for word art! Besides that I strongly feel that your home is your haven. Rooms have the ability to effect moods and I'd rather have a happy home versus a home that appears happy from the outside yet quite the opposite on the inside. 

I also love unique figures that either make a statement or have meaning. I had no idea but my mother told me that an elephant facing the door implies good luck in the world of Feng Shui. Of course I was intrigued enough to Google this since Google is indeed the the web source of all truths! Ha!

I found the unique and beautiful art above in Hot Springs, AR many years ago waaay before the kiddos came along. It's so unique so I of course had to have it. I appreciate the fact that it has with stood two toddlers in its lifetime! The poly resin art located in the picure below on the table was found at Hobby Lobby, and the faux potted plant is from Ikea. I ordered the rug from overstock.com. I specifically wanted a white and gold striped rug and of course found it there.

There is a semi funny story behind the television console and the lengths I went through to get it home without the help of the hubby. I with the kiddos in tow had just a small amount of room to get this piece home without having to wait for the hubby to come thirty miles across town just to carry it eleven miles home. So I sent him a picture of it to let him know how much I loved it and that it's the exact piece at the price I was looking for. His immediate response "don't do it." Ha this is because he knowing his sometimes impulsive, determined to make anything work wifey was indeed going to try to fit this entire piece in the trunk of her BMW! Long story short, I purchased this piece, had a Home Goods employee hold it, went to Home Depot, purchased pink rope (heehee) and got it home with just one tiny minor scratch. I guess this can also attest to the width of the trunk on the 750LI. The piece only hung out of the trunk a tad. I don't recommend this type of behavior to newlywed wives. The hubby and I are seasoned in the marriage game so he could only laugh and congratulate me for getting it home. Ha!

Another favorite overstock.com order is the chair pictured above. I wanted to give the hubby a chair but I did not want to put a recliner in the living room so this one totally fit the bill in both style and comfort. Positioned right in front of the television this chair is fit for our king!

As I've said my plan for this room was clean lines, and simple yet statement pieces. I picked this piece of metal art up in the picture above at At Home formerly Garden Ridge. So as you can see with this room I brought together, chrome, gold, white, and gray in addition to wood and wicker elements. I love it! Hope you do to!

Lastly, I've stalked this over sized mirror pictured above at Ikea for years but had no place to put it until I decided to totally redecorate the living room. I just love this mirror in the living room. I feel like it gives the room a loft like feel. I am currently DIY'ing an old vase, and I recently found a round gold trellis patterned glass table at Ross and will position it in this room. In case you are wondering trellis pattern is the exact same pattern as the three mirrors located above the television on the media wall. I will update this post with those things soon. Have a great week!

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