31 August 2015


Hey style lovers! Cheers to a productive week ahead! Today I am bringing you fit style in a head to toe Women's Under Armour look care of SIX:02! I'm charged up. Ha! I must say that I really, really like the ladies Under Armour line. Especially the sports bras. Low intensity or high impact they will hold you in. A quality and fashionable sports bra is what I look for in active wear. I've posted reviews about SIX:02 a few times and you guys I am absolutely in love with the products and quality that SIX:02 offers.
As much as I despise the Texas heat and the sun beaming down on my back I can appreciate a good work out against the elements. So with that in mind less is more. I prefer if I can wear as little as possible down to my feet. The women's Under Armour Speedform Fortis running shoes are designed with an upper mesh in addition to a heel lock down. So with that I say that socks are totally optional.   
Being real here, my fitness journey is a work in progress. My post are my highlight real reel! My goal is simply to achieve optimal health and energy levels. As a mother of two I am constantly preaching effort to my kiddos. I do not accept anything other than hard work. If you are going in, be all the way in or get out. That is my philosophy. I also believe in the unofficial quote of putting up or shutting up. Talkers annoy me, action attracts me! No, my diet isn't always the cleanest, and yes I slack off at times. Actually a lot of the time but I can promise that I won't stop! 
I've worn my Under Armour sneakers a few times this weekend as they are super easy to slip on. I also wore the low impact bra pictured below in black under my tank to our first football game of the season. I must say that it was perfectly comfortable for two hours spent in the sweltering Texas heat and it's cute too. You can find Under Armour active wear at SIX:02 in stores or online. Check the store locator on site for a store near you!

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