21 August 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! How are you treating life? As we all should very well know, August is the epic month of back to school shopping and activities. With the Coolkids headed back to school I feel like I can actually breathe again. Ha! I love my kiddos but thank God for structure. I'm so ready for routine! So anyway, when Red Dress Boutique reached out to me I instantly became gratified to receive a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda! I chose the large agenda in the Scuba to Cuba print. Logically when thinking of The Red Dress Boutique you will likely think of fashionable clothing but as I always stress style is so much broader than clothing alone. Style is in your home, your desk accessories, your lunch bag, even down to your cereal bowl! Ha!
Totally not looking to sway you away from your everyday fashionable looks though. I will definitely be shopping The Red Dress Boutique for fashionable clothing pieces this fall. I just hope that fall comes a little early for us this year. OMG this planner is really everything that I need in my life right now. Ha! No joke by the end of the summer my brain feels like it's on overload. It's not easy trying to keep kiddos of this current day busy, happily busy at that. The fact that this planner allows me to write down vacation plans, notes to self, mark my calendar, and goes all the way through 2016, YES! 
Not to leave out the fact that this planner adds a dazzling little touch to my home office. You guys I have not occupied this space the entire summer because with the kiddos being home it's extremely loud up there! I've found my self tucked away in the corner in the dining room most of the times to get any little piece of work completed this summer. I cannot wait to get back into my space!
Although the size of this planer will not allow me to conventionally carry it inside of my smaller bags it will definitely keep me organized as I fashionably juggle mom life and blogger life. I've learned a few things about attending events and the importance of keeping a calendar to keeps things flowing in the blogger world. This planner will definitely travel to events with me. I can always keep it conveniently tucked away in my car if need be. We all know that in the world of social media (which means if it's not posted on media it didn't happen) I also keep my portable device smartphone charger (pictured above) with me in addition to my business cards.
Check out the super chic office decor at The Red Dress Boutique here. Every fashionista needs a chic creative space in her life! Style is everywhere. How are you planning?

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