27 July 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! In my Wendy Williams voice, "How you doin'? Ha! As a gal who loves her sunnies I am pretty ecstatic to introduce to you nectar sunglasses. **This post is a written collaboration with nectacsunglasses.com.** Upon checking their site you will see that Nectar Sunglasses are all about living life. Being adventurous! Personally, I can't get outdoors without having a pair of sunshades with me. I often lean towards inexpensive sunnies because I have been known to leave them, scratch them, and drop them. Seriously, who has time to babysit a pair of expensive shades? Nectar 100% guarantees their shades. See their policy HERE.
Check out the features listed on the packaging above. I've worn my pair of nectar shades while biking downtown and they are indeed comfortable. The material frame held up extremely well against the sweat on my face and the sunnies did not leave a huge indention in my face upon taking them off. This always happens to me when I first take my shades off and it irritates me a little.  Check the motto above the bar code! You just can't do epic things with basic sunnies! Heehee.
I chose the parlay style in black matte. Listed onsite the cost of this  pair is $30. Not bad at all for a quality pair of shades. Depending on which way you are facing and the direction of the sun the polycarbonate lenses will appear different in color. So, so cool!
There are other items such as logo tees, super cool looking watches, hats and more available for purchase onsite in addition to the premier didymium sunglasses line. I'm so about living the sweet life and doing epic things. No basic moments allowed. 

Free shipping is available on orders over $45 and don't forget to check out the sale section as well! Stay fabulous! Do Epic S***!

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