31 July 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! Cheers to the weekend. So I must say that blogging has been so unexpectedly rewarding to me. When I set out to create my little space within cyberspace I did so with the intention to create a fun and fashionable space for the fashionista in me. In Her Heels was eventually born because my former co-workers would always get a kick out of my actual height when I stepped out of my heels. I always wore heels at work and pretty much any other regular place of attendance. Fast forward to today...a year and a half later of content creating and consistent blogging I get the feeling that my little corner in cyberspace finally makes sense. Ha! There are so many individuals who for the life of them cannot make sense out of blogging and then there's us bloggers who get it!
When I create a post I do so with the knowledge that someone will eventually view IHH but then there are times when I am totally surprised at some of the individuals that come across my blog. Of course it's a great feeling to realize that someone is loving what you are putting out there. If you read my blog then you know that I attended the Green with Envy Blogger event via invitation in early June. Receiving invites to events as a blogger is always a good feeling and I had a great night of socialization and styling! 
So when I found out that moments of our green with envy blogger festivities were printed up on a huge ad and posted on the second level of green street I had to go see! This is one of those blogger moments that feels extremely rewarding. Seriously if you know my face you will surely recognize me in a few spots on the two ads located just outside of BCBGMAXZRIA & XXI. How cool is that?! I of course needed to mark this memory by posing up next to my very own pictures. Totally not vain at all! Haaa! I guess that depends on how one chooses to view it but in the effort of keeping things real here, I am simply proud!
Ha, and then there's that moment when you take a really silly group selfie with total disregard to the fact that it could resurface. Ahhh! It's true, social media thrives in the area of silly things circling back to you! So in all of my glory I decided to pose with my silly selfie. I literally face palmed when I saw this pic but I can still laugh at it!
So I hope you enjoy my adventures in blogging and my little corner in cyberspace! I personally love blogging and with that somehow answering the unknown via my blog to those out there who wonder but will never ask me! I find it most intriguing that those who assume to know me realize that they really never knew me at all upon reading my blog. The truth is it's hard to get to know anyone if your mind is clouded with judgement. Any-who, I look forward to bringing you many more IHH moments! 
Keep in mind that green street Houston is in the process of a complete face lift so expect a lot of construction when visiting. Upon completion of retail establishments, I expect this fine corner of Houston to attract many Houston socialites.

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