17 July 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! Yesterday I decided to get outside for a little while and get my sweat on in the Houston heat. The sun has been shining beautifully but it is very hot and humid. Now while I am not a yogi by far I definitely appreciate moments of zen. Life can can get tough and in a recent turn of events I've had the ability to see the consistent true colors of individuals. I always consider moments like these to be moments of greatness. Life is about exhaling the negative and building the strength to let go of anything that brings upon confusion. Seriously, exhale and let it go. Silence every source of negativity. Personally, I find that the best way to let go or get out of your head is to get in a great work out. Whether it's cardio, walking, running, etc. It's all good for you and to you. Of course you know that I am going to state it's even better in fabulous work out gear! I am wearing the Lahaina look from Fabletics.com here. I switched out the t-shirt for one of my older Fabletics tanks. Stay fab my friends! Get the sports bra and bottoms HERE. 

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