29 July 2015


Happy Wednesday style lovers!
It's a beautiful day in my corner of Texas and I am in the process of packing the kiddos and myself for summer vacation. I don't know about you but as a rule of thumb never let the hubby do the packing for the children. This may not be true for all but most seasoned mothers will know where I'm coming from. M-O-M hold it down! Haa! So as our late summer vacation fast approaches I am taking the steps that I always do to ensure a secure free from drama get away. This is not always easy with kiddos in tow. My coolkids boarded their first plane at the ages of 2 (almost three) and 5 (almost six) to Miami, FL years ago. At this point they are well aware of the boarding process for domestic flights as they are true jetsetters. This trip however is our first flight that we will have to go through customs. Traveling with children should not be seen as a stressful task at all. You will simply need to plan in advance and this starts with your home. If you are any bit of a perfectionist when it comes to a clean home I strongly suggest that you start there. Here's a few steps that I take to ensure stress free family vacations.

1. Take care of home.- My family knows that we do not leave for any trip without fully cleaning our home first. This means that a family cleaning day happens at least a few days before vacation. We give our home a deep clean ranging from bathroom toilets, to laundry, to the fridge. Everything gets cleaned. The reason I've created such a rule is because the first day back from your trip of epic memory making should not be met with sorrows and sighs of what has been left undone at home!

2. Pack light but pack extra- When traveling with the kiddos expect them to have to use the restroom while in the air. Also anticipate spillage of their drinks while on flight. Not at all implying that your child will spill their drink but kids are kids and given the tight quarters, the tray, and turbulence, etc  I typically place a quick set of clothing to change into within their carry on. Light clothing such a t shirt. I can't have my kiddos getting off of a plane looking a mess.

3. Utilize the kiddos school back packs as carry ons- In my experience most children experience what I describe as sensory overload while making strides to the terminal. There is always so much to see and so many people going places. In this case pulling a rolling piece of luggage may prove difficult for them and if you prefer to avoid the irritation of constantly advising them to pay attention, don't flip your luggage, watch your step, etc. Place their carry on items in their back pack and allow them to carry on their belongings that way.

4. Pack your own snacks- In our experience, we as a family have yet to fly on a flight with a duration of less than three hours. With that expect your children to advise you that they are hungry several times throughout. Pack them an on flight meal or snacks minus the liquids. Liquids are served on flight or you can purchase their drink after completing TSA security check. Otherwise your liquids will be quickly disposed of by TSA.

5. Wear Light Clothing- As a rule of thumb if we are traveling to a warm location I specifically wear shoes that are easy to slip off. Sure I love traveling in my cute gladiator sandals but if there isn't a zipper on the sandal and it requires unbuckling I will save them for the trip it's self. It's already a hassle to have to take shoes off at the airport. I try to avoid belts and heavy jewelry. If I choose to wear a statement necklace I will opt away from any other heavy jewelry and the same applies if I choose to wear a statement bracelet. When traveling with children some airports will automatically place you in TSA pre-select. Houston Hobby airport does this but not all do. In this case you don't have to worry about removing your laptops from your bag or your shoes. However as I stated not all airports do this so keep your laptop and other electronic devices in a easily accessible place within your carry on.

After a peaceful flight we are well on our way of making epic memories. On thing I do in the case of the kiddos luggage is I pack their clothes per outfit. Each look of the day is folded together for very easy accessibility. This avoids clothes being all over the place in our hotel room. If they aren't feeling one look in particular for that day, they can easily move on to the next since they are stacked per outfits verses stacks of tops, bottoms, etc.

Hope my family traveling tips have helped. Have a fab one!

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