20 July 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! Friday I spent a little time at Found located at 3433 West Alabama in Houston. I of course fell in love with the decor! I must say that Aaron Rambo is a creative genius! Walking through Found is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the imagination. The strategically curated displays of decor throughout Found play on the eye with a well balanced mix of bold, antique and modern style all at the same time.

Leslie Hemmans invited me to visit this creative floetry of decor and provided me with an exclusive tour of the store. Leslie Hemmans is a California native with experience in interior design currently residing here in Houston and provides product and decor knowledge at Found Houston. Leslie is nothing short of professional and fab!

While touring with Leslie I learned that Benjys on Washington's decor was done by Aaron Rambo of Found. I thought this little known fact was cool because I couldn't take my eyes off of the light fixture in Benjys back in April while the hubby and I were having lunch there. In fact, I loved it so much I instagramed it! Ha!

Another place of decor interest for the foodie in you is Local Foods. The vibrant decor inside of the upper Kirby location is simply another result of the creative design skills of Aaron Rambo. I have yet to visit so Aaron showed me pictures of Local Foods and rest assured I will be lunching there soon and I cannot wait. I admit, the decor enthusiast inside of me seeks out places with an emphasis on their decor to lunch at. Personally, it's all about the vibe and the social scene in addition to the delectable bites.
At Found you will find pieces from all over the country. Hence the name Found. If you are looking for that offbeat item, that piece of decor that totally inspires you that hasn't been curated in every other home you will definitely find it at Found Houston. 
Partnered by Ruth Davis and Aaron Rambo, contact Leslie at leslie@foundforthehome.com for your interior style needs. What does your interior style say about you? Stay fab!

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