02 July 2015


The Coolkids of IHH are back and are serving you 4th of July fresh! It's taken a while for us to get here but these kiddos are back on board with showcasing their style on the blog! With school, extra curricular activities and the oh so necessary devices it's not always easy to capture these kiddos. Let's not even talk about the attitudes that occasionally makes an appearance!

In spite of all of that these kiddos have an eye for style. Although they seem to lack knowledge in the area of the conception of money we are working on that. Style shouldn't ever break you. If so than exactly who are you styling yourself for? Ha! So about their looks. Coolkid number one is wearing an Old Navy Captain America t-shirt and JCPenney cargo bottoms. Completed with a pair of Nike Roshe's, I think he's got his 4th of July look down. Coolkid number two is sporting a Justice top and bottoms. Her wedge sandals are Tommy Hilfiger. Links below. Stay fab!

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