22 July 2015


Hey style lovers! As always, I hope that life  is treating you well. So I'm totally going to state the obvious and point out the fact that it is indeed sweltering hot here in Houston! Duh, right! Ha, so with the obvious being known a fashionista's going to sweat! Whether in and out of the car running errands (which I do a lot), attending an event, lunching or dining outdoors that inevitable clammy feeling is going to creep. With that there are five things that I dare not leave the house with.

1. Body Mist- Yes, yes and yes! My hat's off to those of you that love to tote your little bottle of expensive perfume with you but as for me a fragrance body mist is much more conventional. Two of my faves are Victoria's Secret Amber Rose and Strawberries and champagne as pictured above. My little fashionista in training also loves her P.I.N.K. body mist too.

2. Deodorant- No, I am not afraid to carry a travel sized deodorant with me! Why not? Before getting out of the car into the unbearable heat a little reapplication goes a long way! Better safe than sorry. I'm personally favoring all of the Dove deodorant scents here lately.

3. Mascara- If I were told I could only take five items with me believe me when I say I will grab my mascara! Ha! My fave is by Make Up Forever found in Sephora stores for a very reasonable price. I love the fact that this mascara gives me the volume I want without turning into a heavy clumpy mess. It's all about keeping things light in this heat.

4. Brow Pencil- Never leave home without out! Fact is,  I like to add a little definition to my eyebrows as most women do. I'm not claiming the "eyebrows on fleek" trend but I am well aware that when the heat hits and a little bit of perspiration makes its presence my eyebrows might take a hit. This is why my brow wiz pencil is always with me.

5. Lipstick- I love smashbox lipsticks! I am so not a make up guru so I cannot rattle all of the brands off to you in a single verse but I can tell you about the make up products that I love. I've been a makeup gal since high school but even with that I still am a novice and my makeup is never heavy. I came across the infrared matte lipstick color from smashbox while browsing around ULTA a few months back. I love a red lip and not even the heat will take that away from me.

So with these five products in my arsenal we are totally cool for the summer. This is how I stay fearless in the heat!

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