07 July 2015


Happy Tuesday style lovers! So we've booked our upcoming trip and are super excited to soak up the Caribbean sun in just a couple of weeks! So, the hubby and I were talking this morning about what we intend to pack and it seems that we were on the same but somewhat different page. His idea was tanks and trunks all day while mine is pretty much the same but except add in a few rompers and maxi dresses in the case I get tired of hanging out in my swimsuit all day. Plus I've thought about a nice family sit down dinner as well.

So I figured I might as well blog about packing essentials. Starting with clothing! So here's my idea of what to pack!

1. Clothes: For this trip in particular I plan to pack a very good mix of swimwear (this includes stylish cover ups), workout clothes(for morning walks on the beach and evening workouts), summer staples such as maxi dresses and rompers, and from what I've learned a light jacket or sweater for evenings on the beach. I only intend to pack one beach towel per person since I know that there will be plenty available on site.

2. Beach Essentials: Sun hat, sun hat, sun hat! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am an advocate of a wearing some type of hat. Whether it's a baseball style cap at the pool or a sun hat on the beach you will find me in it! Two reasons-first I have pretty sensitive skin and I am almost guaranteed to end up with my skin peeling or breaking out. Second, because extended ours in the sun day after day simply are safer with the proper gear. Other necessary essentials include sunglasses, sun screen or sun block as some may call it and a great body creme ( I love Nivea skin creme) or aloe product for post sun skin care.

3. Hair Essentials: I haven't read up much on flight restrictions on shampoos and the like but I assume an international flight is much like a domestic one. So once I read the specifics I will be sure to pack my daughters's and I favorite shampoo by Shea Moisture. Of course the boys will make use of this shampoo as well. Organic Coconut oil is great for natural hair and I will be sure to apply it prior to spending extended hours in the sun. The obvious banana clips, ponytail holders, and silk wraps will be on board. After all, we are traveling international so if I fail to pack our essential hair products we will be out of luck! So this I consider to be a very important packing process as I do not want to wreak havoc on our hair while vacationing!

4. Shoes: Flips flops (duh), and walking shoes are the main idea. In the case that we might decide to sit down for a nice family dinner, I will likely pack just one pair of heeled sandals for myself, a pair of sandals for my daughter, and one pair of canvas boat shoes for the hubby and my son.

Of course a family vacation is not at all complete without the memories being captured. So the camera along with a brand new memory card will be on deck. The hubby has wanted a Go Pro for the past two years and we always talk about it but we never make the purchase so for this trip we are definitely NOT leaving without one! Camera phones are a no brainier and I have an older Sony point and shoot camera for the kiddos to capture their own photos as well! I figured that would make things even more exciting for them. Aside from the essentials such as aspirin and allergy meds that is all I intend to back and the goal is to pack light. No heavy clothing allowed! How do you pack for family vacations?

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