02 June 2015


Happy Tuesday Style lovers! I hope life is just swell for you. Mommy duties are kicking in full fledged for me as summer is approaching. My head is spinning trying to plan to ensure that I keep the kiddos busy. Kids now a days are always so bored! Me personally, I climbed trees, caught bugs, made mud pies, etc. Ha,so not going to happen with the device toting generation that we are raising! If you're a mom, aunt or have some interaction with the current kids of the current times then I'm sure you know what I mean.

So just like jumpsuits I have a thing for rompers. They are simply cute. On the other hand there are many haters of rompers out there. I admit it, I give a little side eye to every negative comment or article that I read about rompers on grown women. To each her own and don't knock it until you try it. I can only assume that romper haters tried rompers, the romper didn't fit right so they became romper haters. Ha!

My sentiments? Get your life! Rompers are fab if worn stylishly. However, there is a strategy to this whole romper wearing situation. My number one rule is to ensure that it covers the derriere and enough room is available for thicker thighs. If not leave it wear you found it or send it back because it is not going to work!

So I found this cute navy blue romper at Forever 21. So cute I love it. The lace shoulder and cognac belt totally sold me. I pretty much love anything cognac. It's my fave neutral. On another style note, I am totally digging the chunky heel. I'm so glad its back. let's see how long this trend last. I can appreciate both trendy and timeless style selections. It's more about style versus fashion so I will pretty much wear what I want unless it screams an era that is currently considered hideous because it hasn't made its way back yet.

So I picked my chunky heels up at Agaci. Very simple and cute. Comfy too; that's a win, win if I do say so myself. Entire look under $60 considering the fact that I already had the bag in my closet. Deets to items below.

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