23 June 2015


Happy Tuesday style lovers! It's graphic tee time. I love a good statement or graphic tee and yes there's a difference. Statement tees are just that tees that have a statement on them and a graphic tee will display some type of art. Duh! Thought I'd take you to school a bit on the oh so trendy t- shirt game! Ha!

What I love about style over fashion is the fact that style has no rule. As broad as fashion is there are still rules. Mostly related to time frame. Style has no expiration while fashion does and although the two coincide style and fashion are still different. Well they have two different definitions at least. With that being said I wear whatever I want when I want.

...and that my friends is what style is about! I picked this shirt up at the House of blues this weekend. It first caught my eye because it's pink. I also love the graphic but don't even bother to ask me about the blues brothers because I can't tell you anything about them or the movie. Ha! Soo besides the fact that I am wearing my new graphic tee my bag and denim are from my closet. I've provided a link to the Valentino inspired pumps below. Stay fab!

Valentino Inspired Pumps Here & Here

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