22 June 2015


Happy happy Monday style lovers! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start! I'm feeling great today! I literally woke up feeling lighter. I can't find the exact words to summarize my current state of mind but I can say that I appreciate life's  curve balls. They always set me in the right direction and with each curve ball I gain more strength.

I am also one of those individuals who cares waaaay' too much! I can't help this trait and no matter the malicious intent of others this trait won't change. Instead I just continue to learn who to  give a damn about because people are funny. Really funny! So anyway, yesterday the CoolKids and I treated the hubster to a Father's Day brunch at the House of Blues in Houston because he does so much for us and is content with just that. I find that we as moms and wives sometimes look over celebrating the super guys in our lives because they don't ask for it but love is an absolute two way street!

We as women can't expect him to put a ring on it, pamper us, spoil us or love us the way we want if we do not love him the way that he desires. Men need love too they just aren't as emotionally expressive as we are. So you better celebrate your man when you can if want him to love you the way  that your see other men loving their women. I say this because women always compare and nag their hubby's with comparisons of what other men do for their women. We mustn't fail to realize how those women love their men as well. Totally a two way street.  Just keeping it real!

 So anyway, I put yesterday's look together with a dress that I purchased from a boutique last year. I recently purchased the shoes at a boutique like store located in Grapevine Mills mall. I first viewed them in an Agaci store weeks ago but they didn't have my size. Unable to locate a legit link for these shoes I will inform you that they are made by Wild Diva and the style is the Bridget heel. Stay fab!

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