05 June 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! So I'll get straight to it and put it out there that I am a repeat offender. This jumpsuit was indeed worn twice in one week. Noticeably enough I wore it  Tuesday night (see previous post) and decided to wear it again the next day.  Yes, I am keeping it all  the way real this Friday! Ha! 

After returning home Tuesday night I had a few mommy duties to take care of so I jumped right into mommy mode. The weather is hot and sticky here so I pulled may hair into a quick side bun. All night while at the Green Street blogger event I'd wished that I'd worn my hair in a bun because it was so sticky out. At that moment, looking in the mirror, I realized that I liked the look of the side knot with the flowy jumpsuit that I was wearing. 

So at that point I tossed the jumpsuit in the wash along with the other laundry that I was doing and decided that I'd wear it Wednesday for end of the school celebrations. Yes, I totally did that and had no worries, absolutely none! I am a repeat fashion offender and I am totally OK with that.

I rocked my bun, put on my cardigan and proudly walked out of the door to see my babies! I shot these pics after end of the year celebrations were done. I cried like a big ole' mommy bear baby hence the shades. I'm pretty emotional when it comes to my kiddos having had to learn how to be a mommy all on my own, I pour every ounce of me into those two and would not, absolutely would not change it for the world. I picked this jumpsuit up in stores at Forever 21. Link below. Stay Fab!

Gaucho Jumpsuit Here 

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