28 May 2015


Happy Thursday style lovers! Hope your day is going well. The sun is shining, my pavement is dry, and I can walk down my street so I am very thankful! Texas has endured quite possibly the worst flooding in recent history. We are a heavily populated state located very close to the gulf coast in addition to many bayous and rivers so the circumstances are basically inevitable. My prayers go out to all of those severely affected by this torrential weather. So totally embracing my spirit of wanderlust I bought a t-shirt to ensure that everyone knows that I have a spirit that yearns for travel. Ha!

Growing up as a little girl I never left Texas. I'd only traveled to a few places within Texas but never left until I reached the age of eighteen. I must say that when you are eighteen and you have the opportunity to travel it does a lot to and for the young mind. Always dreaming as a little girl I  was dubbed as naive. Yet I am quite the opposite. The truth is I am highly optimistic which some may recognize as naive. Sometimes it is a challenge for those who are less equipped in the department of positivity to recognize the spirit of optimism because those individuals are forever drowned in their unfortunate sorrows.

I on the other hand choose to live and by live I mean live. I laugh at the smallest things, and jump at the opportunity to meet new people, see knew places, and experience new things. Plain and simple happiness is a choice. I refuse to succumb to the notion of working hard all of my life to retire  in negativity or anything near a lack luster life. So while I am young I will fully embrace the wanderlust spirit inside of me as much as I can!

I hope to pass this spirit on to my children as they became jet setters in their early elementary and precshool years. I don't ever want them to feel confined or boxed in on their limitations and I hope that I can build a legacy of working hard, playing harder while totally loving life for them. This is a goal I will strive everyday for by any means necessary even if it means cutting negative people off.

Here are my personal thoughts on individuals. If an individual likes you or loves you, you won't ever have to question that. Their interactions with you will always be consistent. This holds the same truth if that individual doesn't like you. Either way a consistent behavior will be there. Just sit back and watch the actions over their words but stay optimistic the entire time leaving them to believe that you are too flighty to pick up on their behavioral patterns, ha! Anyone that loves you or welcomes you will not give off conflicting behavioral patterns. If so they are probably undecided as to whether they love you or hate you.

Food for thought, right? So anyway as I stumbled upon this statement tee in Old Navy I snagged it because duh! Unfortunately there were only a few left and I have not had any success finding it online. I've noticed quite a few "wanderlust" tees available on etsy, however I am unable to recommend a seller. Stay fabulous my friends!

Top In Old Navy Stores 
Jetsetter Faux Leather Clutch (Sold Out) 
Skirt (Old) Similiar Here
Lace Mesh Booties (Old) Similiar Here

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