04 May 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! Today's OOTD post is about the "all  white" look. Personally I love the all white look especially with white denim. Pairing with a neutral shoe and bag is pretty much a no brainier to the all white look.

Of course the spring season is all about florals, blooms and pretty pastels! Ha, are you sick of it yet? Probably not. I know that I am not! Soon everyone will be sporting their summer nautical looks so every seasonal trend deserves its own time. Might as well embrace it. What I love the most about spring and summer is the fact that it doesn't cost much to dress for these seasons. Most of the fabrics are light and airy so there's no need to spend a ridiculous amount of dollars trying to stay on trend.

Unless you'e a label snob of course! I put this OOTD together after purchasing this top and jacket from Agaci while aimlessly wandering the mall while hubby had a business meeting on his day off. The colorful displays are what drew my eyes to this store and I must say that it's definitely one of my new little hots pots for inexpensive pieces. Ladies who mock these type of stores, Forever 21 and the like peeve me. That is unless they have impeccable style. It's all about finding those pieces you love and those that are flattering. Stay Fab!!

Bag Here
Bottoms H & M
Shoes Gojane.com (old) 

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