25 May 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the book signing of Nigel Barker via PR invite in honor of Macy's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebration. The expectation of Nigel's appearance drew in quite a crowd. I briefly chatted with a customer who was so excited she could hardly contain herself enough to complete her debit card transaction for Nigel's book "Models Of Influence." Naturally energy travels and her's most definitely was contagious. As if I weren't already excited enough her energy took me to another level of giddy!

Beautiful displays of some of the pages in Nigel's book were placed on easels for our viewing pleasure. Prior to Nigel's stage appearance the crowd was entertained by different talents displaying the heritage and culture of Asian Pacific decent. The ambiance was quite nice.

Once Nigel took the platform he wasted no time and very candidly filled us in on his background. My biggest take away from his conversation is the influence of calculated risk taking that was introduced to him during his youth by his grandmother. His grandmother in fact was reputedly the first Sri Lankan woman to drive a car as legend goes per Nigel. I just loved the fact that Nigel doted on his mother and grandmother's influence on him. There is nothing like having a strong woman of positive influence in your life that loves you and your presence. Nothing like it! However, if that woman doesn't exist we have to be that woman for ourselves. Inner strength gives us the ability to build stories and legacies.

In fact it was Nigel's mother who encouraged him to model. Undoubtedly he landed himself a contract by simply entering. I'm pretty sure this is no surprise to anyone, ha! Nigel candidly answered questions regarding the fashion industry to those who inquired. Nigel set the tone of comfort, I giggled more than a few times and grinned the entire way through because I am quite cheesy like that and he (Nigel) displayed a warm and humble spirit.

Nigel ended his conversation with us with a brief step by step lesson on how to take the perfect selfie! I can not lie I took every note! Not going to lie, I recorded the moment but don't worry if you follow me on instagram, I promise not to bombard you with selfies! Seriously we all know that every instagramer secretly wants to know how to take the perfect unfiltered selfie! It's OK the secrets out no one uses instagram to go unnoticed otherwise facebook would be your platform of choice. Keep it real!

So I am still totally geeked to have met Nigel Barker ; such an interesting individual! I first learned about Nigel during the very beginning of the show America's Next Top Model. This girl never ever dared to dream that she would ever shake the hands of and or share a few words with the awesome photographer of such an amazing show. Anything is possible! Stay fab!

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