29 May 2015


Happy Friday style lovers! Early this morning I decided that I was in need of an endorphin pick me up. This weather is so irritating. Waking up to flash flood warnings, thunder, and anticipated rain is everything that one looking to be in a bad mood could ask for! Ha!

Luckily the rain lasted for only a little while and eventually the sun decided to give us a little something to look forward to. Honestly, I just want May to be over with. I anticipate a pretty hot June after all of this! Since it's already scorching outside I decided to test out my SIX:02 gear and I'm in love! 

SIX:02 gear can be purchased in your local store or online. I took a walk with the hubs and stopped to get some squats in and as I began a little duckling decided to leave the pack to come and visit me. So cute. I must say that the womens Under Armour all season gear is on point. As noted on the tag it keeps you feeling light and dry. The inside of the sweat shirt that I am wearing is so soft. I was in major doubt about this top in terms of putting it up against the Texas weather.

 Ha, and so umm about those shorts that I posted on instagram, the pair that I was afraid I'd look like I'm wearing my hubby's underpants. Can we say instant gratification! I love them! I am wearing the ladies Under Armour compression shorts! I'm pretty sure that the hubby likes them waaaay more than me. Hahaa!

Last but not least the moving comfort cupped sports bra is everything that I have been missing in a sports bra. I don't know about you but when I do cardio I werk'! I need the girls secured. In my honest opinion I can handle the burn but I can't handle the girls being sore. I just can't. This bra seriously did not move as I jumped all over the place.The banding in the seam of this bra is highly accurate. I do believe as the tag states that this baby is for sure girlfriend tested. While I am not the heaviest gal you've ever met I certainly am not a member of the itty bitty committee so the importance of a good sports bra is a ten on a scale of one to ten. This is the second time I've tested out active wear from SIX:02 and I am very impressed. The store is awesome and very convenient too. I'm hooked. Stay tuned for my first barre class on behalf of SIX:02.  Stay fab!

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