18 May 2015


Happy Monday style lovers! A new week is upon us so I figure I might as well start it off on a positive note. I am personally challenging myself to kick the cola habit that I've had for years. Nothing like an ice cold Cola on a hot summer day but why does it have to be so darn addicting?  My goodness. So since I am an active mother frequently on the go I'm putting it out and there in an attempt to hold myself accountable plus I wanted to show you my latest favorite set from Fabletics.

I have to be honest and state the fact that I get a much better workout when my active gear is on point. Call me vain I don't care but just don't call me a hot mess. Ha! Basically what I am saying here is a faded top and leggings with holes just don't go with the flow when I peek in the mirror while trying to get my workout on. I mean I'm already a hot sweaty mess. Imagine busted leggings and a faded t shirt. Yuck I would not be the least bit motivated to return to the gym. Now I am not endorsing going out and spending major coins on active wear, not at all. What I am saying is to take five minutes to put on something decent to help you along the way during your workout!

 A good playlist always helps too. As you may or may not know I am a fabletics.com brand ambassador and I've gotten some fab active gear from Six:02 as well so consider active wear posts a thing on this blog as well. So here's to me reaching epic heights of endorphin overload! Stay Fab!

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